Ancient Gold | About The Ancient Gold Collection
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The first mini collection was inspired by the beauty of zoomorphic images from 5 century b.c. Thracian jewelry and shown  at the “ Philadelphia Buyers Market”, Philadelphia, N.Y.,USA in 1998. In the following years we added Scythian, Celtic, Roman and Greek art as a source of inspiration and as our collection grew we kept including more ancient and contemporary images. Each season our new works reflect different cultures adding variety to the collection and perfecting our knowledge of ancient techniques. The process begins with a drawing. We translate the design to a pure gold plate and raise the relief using the technique of repoussee. Since 10 century b.c. pure gold was raised by hand supported with wax and used as a decoration on objects, clothes and jewelry. The versatility of this technique inspired us to modify, improve and apply it to the creation of functional contemporary jewelry. The collection’s intricate designs are painstakingly raised from sheets of pure gold requiring hours of precision hand work. The finished 24K gold is supported with a modern stabilizing material and set in a sterling silver setting, allowing for safe daily wear. The Ancient Gold Collection is BY ORDER only, please read more on our  Shop Policies.



Our studio creates and makes unique art jewelry pieces. Every piece is handcrafted from pure gold, sterling silver and semi precious stones and stamped for purity and authenticity. The quality of the materials used is guaranteed. We work with Canadian gold, silver and fairly traded gem stones. We also customize our existent creations by order. For more information, visit Commissions or Contact us with your questions.


This sign is the trademark of ILADESIGN™ which was registered in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1981 and in Montreal, Canada in 1998. It appears as a stamp on all of our works as a guarantee of their quality and authenticity