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Our studio was created in 1976 by us: Lydia Ilarionova and Marin Marinov. Since then we live and work together as partners of our company, ILADESIGN. We are graduates from the School of Fine and Applied Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria with majors in jewelry design and metal art. Marin had training in restoration techniques at the Institute of Archaeology in Milan, Italy. He has mastered many ancient techniques in his work as a goldsmith and worked on the restoration and conservation of ancient treasures for the National Institute for Cultural Heritage in Sofia, Bulgaria. Lydia obtained a Bachelors of Fine Arts and Design from Concordia University in Montreal which complimented her knowledge of symbols and signs from ancient cultures and resulted in the creation of award winning sculptures and art jewelry. Over the years we followed different paths of expression with one thing in common – our interest in the rich cultural heritage of Bulgaria and our passion for ancient art. Our work is recognized for its originality and gained awards and honourable mentions in numerous exhibitions.


Lydia Ilarionova and Marin Marinov are artists with wide range of interests with one thing in common – their passion for ancient art and culture. They have been part of various exhibitions, for more information, please see RESUME And our works in PORTFOLIO.


It was first introduced at the Philadelphia Buyers Market, Philadelphia, N.Y.,USA in 1998. It is inspired by images from 5 century b.c. Thracian Scythian, Celtic, Roman and Greek art and made in the ancient technique or repoussee. It consist of jewellery made in pure gold 24kt, sterling silver and semiprecious stones. For more information please, visit ABOUT THE ANCIENT GOLD and to order please read our  SHOP POLICIES.


Our studio creates and makes unique art jewelry pieces. Every piece is handcrafted from pure gold, sterling silver and semi precious stones and stamped for purity and authenticity. The quality of the materials used is guaranteed. We work with Canadian gold, silver and fairly traded gem stones. We also customise our existent creations by request. To inquire, please provide sketch or description on the desired piece and we will give you an estimate. For more information, visit Commissions or Contact us with your questions or call Lydia at 514 903 8348.

This sign is the trademark of ILADESIGN™ which was registered in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1981 and in Montreal, Canada in 1998. It appears as a stamp on all of our works as a guarantee of their quality and authenticity