Ancient Gold | Family key
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Family key – bronze sculpture

A client commissioned a family heirloom to celebrate their origins and continuity. We incorporated symbols on the base of the bronze sculpture: a maiden from the Canadian Prairies, a drummer from the Caribbean Islands, a maple tree with as many leaves as there are grandchildren, and the family house in Montreal- represented by the removable bronze key.

The original sculpture was constructed from copper.The ancient looking key is made from a piece of the original key to the family home.
The four reliefs representing the father, the mother and the two images of maple trees with different amount of leaves are made of pure silver repoussee reinforced and soldered to the base of the original. Then the original copper model was used to make a rubber mold and produce wax replicas of the base and key for the twelve members of the family
Each finished sculpture (base and key) is cast in bronze and finished with a customized patina.The key is removable and can be used a pendant or on a key chain.

Techniques:construction, repousse, casting