Ancient Gold | The Little Prince
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The Little Prince

A client wanted to commemorate a sad occasion – the dead of her best friend.

She wanted to have something to remember her friend by and after few conversations we came up with the idea to create a set of jewellery pieces inspired by the original drawings of the author A.Saint-Exupery for the book The Little Prince. This was the favourite book of her dead friend and also a perfect idea to successfully render the sense of lost and mortality.

We worked on the drawings and many quotations from the book until the one rung true: “It does not matter that you are not here in person, as long as you are here in my heart”.

Then we created five pure gold repoussee segments: one depicting the little prince for the necklace, and four different scenes from the original drawings. The quote was made in pure silver repoussee and set on the back side of the pendant with gold repoussee set in front. The custom made lock on the holder helps to clip on the pendant to a corral necklace.

The final result is a necklace with centre piece on corals provided by the client and a four segment pure gold repoussee on silver bracelet.

Size: bracelet 7/1″, center of the necklace 2,5/1,5″
Materials: 60gr. sterling silver, 7.0gr. gold 24 kt
Techniques: construction and pure gold and silver repoussee