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Snake bracelet and ring

A client commissioned a jewellery set in a shape of a snake: a bracelet and a ring.

We drew several snake designs and she chose the most stylized and appealing to her Mexican origin. The body of the snake is woven from pure silver in filigree technique and terminated with head and tail caps constructed from sterling silver. The head of the snake also serves as a setting for the pure gold repoussee and the two custom cut garnets.

The tail is build the same way and functions as a terminator and a part of the locking system. The silver and gold clip which holds the body is designed to lock the bracelet and prevent the body from sliding out at the same time. The lock we invented had a stopper pin and a magnet and made a very secure locking system and one happy client.


Size: bracelet – 6″, ring 5
Materials: pure silver, pure gold, sterling silver, garnets
Techniques: construction, repousse, filligre.