Ancient Gold | The runes of Annette
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The runes of Annette – carnellien necklace with gold beads

This very exciting project required research on ancient runes making of mixed media jewellery pieces never done before. Our client wanted to have little luck charms around her neck and wrist. After spending some time drawing it was apparent that she wishes to celebrate her ancestor’s Celtic origins. She wanted to have runes for protection, health, money, luck…etc. made into a beads to be incorporated in carnelian necklace, bracelet and ring. As a fan of our work she also insisted that we do that in pure gold repoussee. So we invented a bead made out of polymer, engraved with runes and dressed in inverse pure gold repoussee. Then for security and durability we inserted a bronze tube in the core of the bead and caped it with customized silver terminators. Thus creating a durable pure gold cylindrical bead.

The same method we used on the ring only that the bead base was made with sterling silver.