Ancient Gold | The story of Najoua
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The Story of Najoua – two sided silver necklace in pure gold and silver repoussee with black pearls

“The story of Najoua” is the name of this personalized two sided necklace. It is made with pure gold, pure silver, sterling silver and black pearls. The necklace is designed so it could be worn both sides. The gold  as a  metal of the Sun was used to represent her daily public persona. Using inspiration from the art of her ancestors we derived images from 30 century b.c. Sumerian cylindric seals  and interwove them in our customer’s personal messages rendered in symbols and letters from ancient languages. The silver as a metal of the Moon was chosen to represent her secret dreams by the mysterious Moon goddess. The letters and symbols on the moon side carried specific information on her family and loved ones.

We took the challenge to create a story in nine double sided elements constructed from sterling silver and covered with pure gold and pure silver repoussee and the result was a success.