Ancient Gold | Animals of Power – Dionysius – 2005
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Animals of power – Dionysius

Lydia’s work was selected to be part of the “Out of the Fiery Furnace” – a juried exhibition in Woodstock Museum, Ontario, September, 2005

Animals of Power are a group of vessels that relate to the idea of animals as a source of magical power. Each of the seven animals is shaped as a cauldron decorated on the rim with pictograms derived from the most typical symbols they are related with.


The first and most popular animal in ancient times is the Bull.
Associated with the god Dionysius and used in rituals related with death, growth and rebirth. I have built the body of the bull in a form of a container with a rim decorated with pictograms. The vessel is formed using the ancient method of lost wax casting where copper bonze is melted in a furnace and poured into a special clay mold.

The idea comes from my research on the use of animals in ancient rituals. I have selected seven animals equally important in the use of sacred rituals in ancient times.I have organized the similarities between the use of astral signs, planets, symbols and related magical powers from different cultures in charts. Using the method of creative rearrangement I have generated pictograms to represent the summary of the magical animal power on the rim of each vessel. The result is a cauldron – decorative and functional – bringing animal magic back to our lives.

Size: 7.5”/10”/5”
Materials: Copper, bronze and silver
Techniques: lost wax casting, open work, construction.