Ancient Gold | In Memory Of Us – 2008
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In Memory Of Us

Lydia’s work was selected to be part of a juried exhibition “Out of the Fiery Furnace” at Woodstock Museum in Woodstock, Canada in 2005

This bronze urn in the shape of a dome is the final resting place for two people and their dog and their love for each other. The container is a sculpture with three proportionate volumes for ashes and one central form that unifies the three components. Representing a man, a woman, a dog, and their animal guardian spirit, the shapes are derived from my research on the Native American use of animal imagery as guiding spirits and protectors. They are rendered as a ‘human – animal metamorphose’. The central element is a sun covered with gold and is designed to lock the three containers, symbolizing the binding emotion by which these people and their dog wish to be remembered.

Size: 10 x 8 x 8”
Materials: bronze, copper, sterling silver, and 24 karat gold
Techniques: lost wax casting, open work and construction