Ancient Gold | Rhytons – 1998
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Rhytons – 1998

Marin created and made these three rhytons in 1998. They were inspired by the shape and design of ancient wine drinking vessels from all over the world. This collection of rhytons is a result of a research on patterns, zoomorphic images and goldsmith techniques used by Greek and Thracian goldsmiths from 5-3 century b.c.

The function of the rhyton is to be filled with wine, drank to the bottom and left aside without additional support. Wine is poured from the top while the drinker holds his thumb on the spout at the front of the animal, then the spout is pointed to the mouth and thumb released so wine can flow in. The rhytons are made by hand using raising, chasing, casting, constructing and golden repousse techniques.


“Ram” – rhyton

Materials: 660 gr sterling silver, 7.95 gr. gold 24 ctSize: 7″/6″/3″, volume 400 ml (one pint)


“Horse” – rhyton

Materials: 670 gr sterling silver, 7.75 gr. gold 24 ct Size: 7″/6″/3″, volume 400 ml (one pint)


“Bull” – rhyton

Materials: 720 gr sterling silver, 8.25 gr. gold 24 ct Size: 7″/6″/3″, volume 400 ml (one pint)