Ancient Gold | Talismans – 2000
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Talismans – 2000

Lydia’s work was part of two exhibitions in the year 2000

Art 2000 – A National Juried Exhibition, Stratford, Ontario, June

Sculptural Object – Functional Art – SOFA, Chicago, USA, November

“…don’t pay attention to that old magic. It used to be powerful, but now it is only the pastime of a few…. you have been a warrior, a king and a serf and from the looks of it, you aren’t trough yet. Thus, you have learned the secret of the new direction that is: A man can be many things. Maybe anything…”
Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume, Bantam Books, New York ’85.


Bringing magic back into our lives means finding our own direction towards harmony and wisdom. Creating a collection of objects related to old and new beliefs and endowing them with the powers of personal protection, guidance and knowledge has been a major challenge and an essential part of my objectives. The idea comes from the traditional use of icons as domestic objects in Mediterranean homes.The end product is a personal museum of luck-bringing objects always at hand in a place of honor at home, ready to use or display as a decorative piece. The structure and the organization of this work is formed using some knowledge on numerology, astrology and common believes from different cultures. It is  based on the numbers 3,4,7.

Metals: 1556.2 gr. sterling silver, 8.7 gr. gold 14kt, copper, brass, pewter, steel, tin.
Wood: walnut, ash, ebony, coconut shells.
Organic materials: nacre, abalone, amber, bone, moby pearl, coral.
Gems: jasper, agate, jade, nephrite, hematite, chrysolite, turquoise, tiger eye, malachite, amethyst, quartz, onyx, lapis lazuli, serdolic, opal, bloodstone, garnet, carnelian.

Talismans Size:
Solid walnut box with marquetry table bottom: 11/11/6”.
Size of each of the pewter sculptures: 2.5/3.5”
Size of each of the silver figurine: 1.5/2”




The seven  sculptural groups represent the planets associated with them. They are displayed on a wooden marquetry board organized according to colour, astral sign, week day, the five elements and earth orientation. Each sculpture holds four silver talismans which can be removed and worn separately, using an unique lock system. The variety of aspects in this work offers an additional function as a group game as well as an unique personal oracle.

SUN is related with the element fire, the direction centre, the colour yellow, the metal gold and the related stones are amber, topaz and hyacinth. It represents the beginning of life and  the ordering power of cooperation. It rules over dexterity, speech, wisdom and it makes man independent free and proud. The sun is the centre of our inner self, spiritual home and destination point.

MOON is related with the element water, the direction north, the day Monday and the sign of the zodiac cancer.The colour is white the metal silver and the stones are whitish moonstone, crystal, opal and mother of pearl. A mysterious planet related to our subconscious, rules over female cycles tides and dreams It makes man a dreamer rather than worker, religious considerate secretive.

MARS is related with the element fire, colour red, the direction South, the day Tuesday and the signs of the zodiac Ram and Scorpio. The colour is red, the precious stones are rubies, bloodstone and jasper and the metal is iron.This is the planet of war and aggression it rules over the will, the power and the temper. It gives a man dominant will, vivacity and passion.

MERCURY is related with the element earth, the direction West, the day Wednesday and the signs of the zodiac Gemini and Virgo. The colour is orange, the precious stones are agate, carnelian and sardonyx and the metal is mercury. This is the planet of inventiveness, speed and flexibility. It rules over the memory, science and commerce. It gives a man writing and mathematical skills.

JUPITER is related with the element air, the direction east, the day Thursday and the signs of the zodiac Sagittarius and Pisces. The colour is blue the metal tin and the stones are blue agate, turquoise. The planet of knowledge and science which rules over the moral and mental energy.It is related with intellect and makes man, reserved, ambitious and suspicious.

VENUS is related with the element air, colour green, the direction East, the day Friday and the signs of the zodiac Libra and Taurus. The colour is green the precious stones are emerald, chrysolite and jade and the metal is copper.This is the planet of love, piece and harmony. .It rules over our sense of beauty and art. It makes a man equable, just, and lovable.

SATURN is related with the element earth, the direction West, the day Saturday and the signs of the zodiac Capricorn and Aquarius. The colour is black the precious stones are onyx, obsidian and black coral and the metal is lead. This is the planet of patience and rationality. It rules over the earthly achievements and gives slowness and heaviness. It makes a man learned, hardworking and thrust-wordy.