Ancient Gold | The Conquest – 2002
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The Conquest – 2002

Lydia’s work was selected to be part of a juried exhibition, the Reflections of the Conquest: Art and Object inspired by the world of the Bayeux tapestry including both historic reproductions and modern original works at the Woodstock Museum in Woodstock, Canada in 2002

A copper cauldron is supported by three bronze horses and decorated with pure silver repousse.

The shape is derived from ancient Greek, Thracian and Celtic ritual vessels. It highlights the influence of these cultures on Western art forms and examines how the shapes of containers relate to the preciousness of the liquid they were meant to hold.

Of the nine scenes depicted only one is a battle scene. The rest show depictions of medieval life pointing to the most important feature of the Bayeux tapestry – its documentary quality. The conquest for power turned to a conquest for life.

The cauldron is raised from one piece of copper and covered with a border divided into nine sections in which a selected scene from the tapestry is rendered in silver repoussé. The nine silver repoussé scenes are reinforced and set in the copper frames on the top of the vessel. There is also a silver repoussé medallion set in the bottom of the cauldron. The support of the vessel consists of three horses in geometric style, cast from bronze and copper alloy.

Size: 12/14/14 inches
Materials: copper, bronze, pure silver
Technique: raised copper, silver repousee, bronz casting