Ancient Gold | Shop Policies
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Our studio creates and makes unique art jewelry pieces. Every piece is handcrafted from pure gold, sterling silver and semi precious stones and stamped for purity and authenticity. The quality of the materials used is guaranteed. We work with Canadian gold, silver and fairly traded gem stones. All of the works in our store are available ONLY BY ORDER. It takes one to three weeks to finish and deliver your chosen piece. We also customize our existent creations by request. To inquire, please contact us via e-mail or call Lydia at 514 903 8348.


We accept payments by PayPal or international postal money order. Payments and money orders must clear bank prior to shipping. Prices are in US dollars.


We ship with EXPRESSPOST to CANADA and US from 2 to 5 business days for 15$ to 30$.
BEFORE PURCHASE- please, read our shop policies and if you have any questions about size, materials, design, availability or price quote on the shipment please, contact us – we are happy to help.


Mailing times and shipping cost are calculated in accordance with the destinations and specific countries regulations. We use Xpresspost – International but we are happy to provide additional shipping options (Priority, Express Mail, Fed Ex,etc). Please, contact us and request information prior to purchasing.


We automatically insure, at no additional cost, any piece of our jewelry.
Please, note that we are not responsible for any taxes or customs  fees  when the package arrives in your country.


Returns are accepted within 2 days after you receive your order and exchanges within one month. They are processed promptly, provided you contact us in writing to tell us about the return. The item must be in its original condition and shipped back to ILADESIGN at your cost in the same way as it was originally mailed and in the same packaging. Returns for custom made pieces are not accepted. In case of an error made on our part in custom works, we will pay the postage both ways, otherwise shipping is not refundable with returns. If your jewelry returns for repairs as part of our free of charge life time guarantee, the postage will be paid by you the same way as in the returns and exchanges policies.


The quality of our gold and silver creations is guaranteed. However it is important to understand the nature of the materials used. Silver and gold are soft metals: Avoid rubbing your jewelry against rough surfaces like concrete, sand, stone. Keep it in separate container away from keys, coins, screws, bolts, ceramics or stone beads. Remove your jewelry when applying cosmetics or washing laundry. Some substances that cause immediate tarnishing are: iodine, bleach, peroxide or cleaning products with active oxygen. Pure gold never tarnish but silver does. If you need to clean the silver, please, use soft flannel cloth with a bit of baby powder. Silver cleaning solutions and ultrasound cleaners are not recommended. Every finished piece of pure gold repoussee in our collection is supported with durable but not heat resistant material. If soldering for resize, repair or remodel is necessary please let us do that. In addition, if accidents occur and your jewelry is damaged, please do not attempt repairs. We will do that free of charge as a part of our guarantee.


We provide our works with certificate of authenticity printed and signed by us. Here is the text on it:
“This is to certify that your Ancient Gold Collection art jewelry is an original, designed and handcrafted by the artists of Iladesign. This piece is inspired by images from 5 century b.c. Thracian, Scythian, Celtic, Roman and Greek art and made in 24 kt gold, sterling silver and semiprecious stones. It is stamped with the sign of the studio as a guarantee for quality, authenticity and purity. Every piece of pure gold repoussee in our collection is raised by hand and supported with durable material in a technique, developed by us to secure the long life span of our jewelry. The unique nature of our work requires that any changes (resizing,repairs, remodeling) must be handled with care and only by our studio. Repairs are free of charge as a part of this guarantee. The quality of this piece is guaranteed by the artists of iladesign. Enjoy wearing our Ancient Gold Creation.”

Thank you for choosing ILADESIGN and supporting our work.
We appreciate your business and hope that you enjoy wearing a piece of our Ancient Gold Collection.


All images and works are property of ILADESIGN © and the rights to produce them is reserved. Photography by Marin Marinov.